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A message from Sandra Vrielink of OneSteel Recycling Hong Hong Limited, our current BIR Young Traders Group Chairwoman

Welcome to the 15th edition of the Young Traders Gazette.

This year’s October Convention in London is set to be another huge success. Conveniently having brought the dates forward to the beginning of October, BIR will now be followed by LME Week. Companies from all over the world will send their representatives to London. BIR has even organised the unique possibility of a visit to the ring on Friday October 5!

Our previous Young Traders Evening in Barcelona was amazing and, in my personal opinion, the best one so far. For the London Convention, we have booked a room in the Sway Bar. We already have 92 Young Traders registered and we’re expecting a lot more. For all of you who haven’t registered yet for the Young Traders Evening, I encourage you to do so quickly before we run out of tickets! I’m confident we will top the Barcelona evening!

Though current market conditions are tough, I’m convinced this BIR Convention will be another great one. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

A brief history of the Young Traders Group.

Established in 2001, the BIR Young Traders Group has been fostering the industry leaders of tomorrow alongside the development of a world-wide community of fellow industry peers.

Established in

„I owe a considerable amount to the YTG, it’s a great group of young people that are the future leaders of BIR“. (Mark Sellier, OneSteel)

The Young Traders Group was created by BIR so that young executives (those aged 35 years and under) could start to become more involved in the activities of the organisation.

The first meeting of the then called Young Executives Committee took place in London in 1995 under the chairmanship of Mitchell Padnos of Louis Padnos Iron & Metal (USA). In 2001, it changed its name to Young Traders Club and was given fresh impetus with the broadening of its framework to include regular Young Traders networking evenings during BIR conventions. These dinners gave younger delegates the possibility to get to know each other and network in a more relaxed setting.

In recent years, the YTG has been developing programmes and activities and is represented in the board of each commodity division. It is a platform for young traders to become part of the wider BIR organisation and become involved in its decision making.

The YTG continues to grow and look towards the future providing opportunities for all those interested in becoming involved.

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