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Get your groove on with some world-class cocktails after a day of exhausting meetings as we will shoot for the stars again with our Young Traders networking evening!

May 2019

Strengthening relationships with industry peers, making new friends or simply dancing the night away during the course of a single evening? Yes, all of this is up for grabs while feasting on Asian finger food and enjoying panoramic vistas of Singapore!

Located on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands, CéLaVI Club will act as our meeting hub. We hope to welcome all Young Traders on Tuesday May 21 as of 8.30pm. Shuttle buses will depart from the Shangri-La Hotel (Convention venue) at 8pm sharp. Available places are limited so make sure you are registered!

Past Events

Sway London2

A splendid evening in London

October 2018

The Young Traders networking event took place in one of the most fashionable places in London - the trendy Sway Bar. It was an exciting event with lots of people. We had a private room booked for ourselves, a finger-food buffet and an open bar that received plenty of orders!

The atmosphere was friendly and it was a good opportunity to meet new people and potentially create new business opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

These events remain one of the highlights of the BIR Convention and are a fantastic opportunity not only to build strong relationships with business partners but also to meet great people from all over the world.

Opium YTG

A fantastic and fabulous event in Barcelona

May 2018

The Young Traders’ networking event took place along the beach at bar/club Opium. It was probably one of the best networking events we have had in years. We had the terrace booked for ourselves, a great finger-food buffet and an open bar. The atmosphere was peaceful, absolutely perfect for creating good friendships and business relationships.

More than 140 Young Traders registered for BIR’s Barcelona Convention, of which 90 attended the networking event. We came from different countries, different companies and even different industries, but the mix was perfect for growing in this business. If you joined us, I hope you got the most from it; if you could not make it, I’m sorry, but please try not to miss the next one in London.

Stunning event in Delhi

Stunning event in Delhi

October 2017

The Young Traders evening was organised at the Blue Bar, located in the Taj Palace Hotel where the BIR Convention was held. Half indoor, half outdoor, the place allowed us to enjoy the warm Indian evening, just near the swimming pool.

The place was perfect to get to know other young professionals in a relaxed way so as to exchange ideas and opinions. Around 40 young talents registered for the event. This quiet and comfortable place allowed us to talk to each other in a pressure-free environment.

The party started after 11pm, giving us time to appreciate some gourmet Indian food and complimentary beverages before dancing. While sharing samosas, tandoori food and more besides, we had an exclusive moment that felt like a true break from the rush of the Convention itself. After midnight, the doors were opened to BIR members coming from the Welcome Evening, which created a great mix of generations.

Events like this provide a great opportunity to meet BIR participants in a less formal way, and to find friendship, if not business opportunities. You must definitely give it a go and take part in this experience!


Breathtaking Evening in Hong Kong

May 2017

The Young Traders Group evening took place in Aqua Spirit, one of Hong Kong’s most sophisticated sky bars. Roughly 70 registered Young Traders were there, enjoying the breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline from the 30th floor of the One Peking building. After a quick word from our respected sponsor, the Metallo Group, a multi-metals recycler with operations in Belgium and Spain, the attendees could exchange business cards while relishing a nice walking dinner and freshly-made drinks.
Even though the bar was not really set up in a way which allowed us to organize networking games, the Aqua Bar did provide an excellent setting for making new acquaintances or catching up with Young Traders from all over the world. As during previous Young Trader events, it was encouraging to notice new faces registering themselves for our event, with all of them showing great enthusiasm to be part of this young group. I believe the Young Traders evening remains a great opportunity for newcomers to meet a lot of people in a less formal way. To all young traders who are still wondering whether they should join our next event or not, we would surely like to welcome you!
As the Networking Evening came to an end, most Young Traders carried on enjoying their night in the city while others chose to go back to their hotels to catch up on some well-deserved sleep at what was another successful BIR Convention.


Party in Amsterdam

October 2017

The Young Traders evening in Amsterdam was organised differently. As it and the Welcome Cocktail Reception were both held within the Maritime Museum, young traders could come and go between the two events for a nice dinner. It was a great gathering, with 74 people registered.
The networking went really well even though we decided that the venue was not adapted to any networking game. The place was large enough for people to catch up or develop new relationships, and everyone looked happy to exchange business cards. I really feel that newcomers were well integrated.
After the networking event, a bus drove the fittest Young Traders to a very trendy club in the city centre where most continued their night-out. A good success as always…

Sunset in Berlin

Sunset in Berlin

May 2016

If I had to name this evening, I would certainly go for “Sunset in Berlin”.
The location was the Solar Lounge on the 17th floor of a building from where the view of the city was terrific. We were in a basement last year in Prague, and so we kind of jumped towards the sky!
Also, the weather played a helpful role and the lights from the ceiling windows helped to create a magical atmosphere.
There was a bus service from/to the InterContinental Hotel and around 60 people attended; many were “habitués” but there were also several new faces. The drinks/warm-up service with beers and cocktails was excellent. Dinner was served just downstairs and it was very tasty fare that everybody enjoyed. A female DJ, moving up and down from the lounge area to the restaurant, took care of the music and we also had a professional photographer just for the occasion.
Young Traders managed to get to know each other and to connect easily after two intense days of meetings.

Buses will depart from the conference hotel at 20:15.
Be ready for spectacular views and a great night!

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Party in Prague

October 2015

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The old city center has become UNESCO World Heritage Site with the tourist attractions Charles Bridge, Prague’s Castle, Old Town Square and the Astronomical clock. Inside of this traditional city center we will have our Young Traders dinner at Kolkovna Celnice. Originally, the place was a warehouse for state financial authorities and now is one of the most famous beer pubs and restaurants in town. Czech Beer is one of the most popular and award winning all over the world, so be prepared for the best Pilsner Urquell Lager which has its origin in 1842. Only 2 minutes walking distance from the BIR Welcome Reception event, we will have the entire ground floor to enjoy in this historical beer place. Pack a lot of business cards and get ready for the night.

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Dinning out in Dubai

Dining out in Dubai

May 2015

Dining and partying in style, that’s what Dubai is all about. The emirate is very well known for its extraordinary, prestigious, unique night life. Many people from different parts of the world visit Dubai just to enjoy the entertainment that this city offers from restaurants to lounge bars to beach clubs, as well as famous cafes.
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All the pleasures of Paris

All the pleasures of Paris

October 2014

In October 2014, the BIR Convention was held in the historic city of Paris - a top tourist destination and headquarters to many important global manufacturing and service companies from around the world. Sponsored by the prestigious DANIELI Group, the event provided an opportunity to meet acquaintances within the very heart of Europe. The BIR Young Traders meeting was chaired by Graeme Cameron, who gave a warm welcome to all the young traders and members. Everyone was encouraged to introduce themselves and to network with each other.
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Mammoth moments in Miami

Mammoth moments in Miami

June 2014

As the BIR convention was going to take place in Miami beginning June, there were a lot of choices regarding the Young Traders’ venue, but Nikki Beach was by far the best. Located at One Ocean Drive, the South Beach landmark offered the perfect environment for all the guests to sit back after a busy day with the fascinating
and relaxing view of the Atlantic Ocean. All of this was sponsored by the generous Royce Corporation.
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Experience the wonders of Warsaw

October 2013

After having spent a few amazing hours at the Kubicki Arcades, where the BIR Welcome Cocktail took place, our carriages awaited to bring us to the Red Hog Inn Restaurant. Well, carriages.. Polish “retro style” buses, called “Cucumber buses”. Before entering we were all provided with a shot of Vodka. This, in combination with the enthusiastic tour guide, made sure the tone was set for the rest of the evening.
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Sublime times in Shanghai

May 2013

Bingo anyone? Social networking games have played a
big role in the BIR Young Traders events in recent times.
The games have been designed to encourage participants
at the young traders dinner to mingle with people that
may not trade the same commodity as they do, or may
not operate in the same markets, but who are all involved
in the recycling industry. Really, this is the whole idea
behind the Young Traders Dinner; to bring likeminded
future (and current) stars of the industry from across the
globe together in one room for one evening; the games
just help speed up the networking process along a little
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Brilliant Times in Barcelona

October 2012

As usual the BIR young traders were spoiled with a fantastic venue at the Autumn convention in Barcelona. Located on the beach next to the old port, the décor of CDLC has been influenced by elements from different cultures with a predominantly oriental feel.
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Reminiscing about Rome

May / June 2012

Normally a guided bus tour through the world’s biggest open air museum (Rome) would draw the attention of most. Typically the passengers on a tour bus listen to the tour guide in silence apart from a courteous chuckle or the odd “ohh” and “ahh” as they learn something extraordinary.
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Memoirs of Munich

October 2011

This autumn's Young Traders Networking Dinner took place in the Meinburk Bar & Club. The venue, a former kitchen studio, has now been re-built into a chic, modern club and is an ideal venue for networking.
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Singapore Sling

May 2011

Get the lowdown on the BIR Young Traders Group dinner and party at the magestic Madame Butterfly’s restaurant and bar at the last BIR convention in Singapore.
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