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Tuesday June 2

15.00 - 16.30 CEST

Spotlight on Trade: Impact of Pandemic on Global Markets

Our BIR Conventions have always offered a superb opportunity for networking, and while two of the benefits of networking are presently COVID-19 incapacitated (making new connections and bonding with existing ones), the third great advantage of networking - the opportunity to gain an enhanced sense, appreciation, insight and understanding of the current micro-landscape of all segments of our global recycling industry and the broader financial, logistical, banking and economic context in which we operate - is very fortunately still available to our membership, through the medium of our upcoming virtual “Spotlight On Global Trade - The impact of Pandemic on Global Markets”

This innovative and essential session under the chairmanship of BIR President Tom Bird will be moderated by ITC Chairman Michael Lion with contributions from a range of eminent global panelists from all sectors and divisions of BIR to enable our members to gain those crucial, valuable and comprehensive insights into the entire trade picture across all commodities, where at this time of extraordinary challenges and turbulence BIR will assist through this session in bringing a measure of objective and authoritative focus to the benefit of our members  - the session will incorporate a Q&A facet to enable your concerns and input to provide an important contribution as well to this Must-View opportunity!

Chaired by:

Tom Bird

BIR President

Moderated by:

Michael Lion

BIR International Trade Council Chairman
Everwell Resources Ltd, CHN

Invited panelists:

George Adams

SA Recycling, USA

Martin Boeschen

Texaid. Textilverwertungs AG, CHE

David Chiao

Uni-All Group Ltd, USA

Max Craipeau

Greencore Resources Limited, CHN

Joost van Kleef

Oryx Stainless BV, NLD

Thomas Papageorgiou

Anamet SA, GRC

Sébastien Ricard

Paprec Recyclage, FRA

Greg Schnitzer

Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc, USA

Mark Sellier

Global Metals Network Limited, CHN

Wednesday June 3

15.00 - 16.00 CEST

Non-Ferrous Metals:
The post-COVID-19 macro economy & impact on non-ferrous metals. Updates on markets and logistics issues around the world

The pandemic has decimated the automotive sector and severely impacted many other industries in which scrap plays a vital role; at the same time, the virus has undermined scrap collection volumes as well as sales owing to lockdowns in many countries. This BIR Global E-Forum session will look through the prism of these events to analyse the post-COVID-19 macro economy and the likely impact on non-ferrous metals. In addition, recycling experts from around the world will provide updates on markets and logistics issues in their own countries and regions. The meeting will also forerun another pivotal moment for the recycling sector as, on July 1, key market China will trigger its long-awaited reclassification of “recycled material” for brass, copper and cast aluminium alloys.

Chaired by:

David Chiao

President, BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division
Uni-All Group Ltd, USA

Moderated by:

Susie Burrage

Recycled Products Ltd, GBR

Invited guest speaker:

Eugen Weinberg

Commerzbank AG, DEU

Additional panelists:

Dhawal Shah

Metco Marketing (india) PVT LTD, IND

Rick Dobkin

Shapiro Metals, USA

Murat Bayram

EMR - European Metal Recycling Ltd, GBR

Shen Dong

Omnisource Corporation, USA

Thursday June 4

15.00 - 16.00 CEST

New trade restrictions for e-scrap market. Current legislative proposals and the impact of COVID-19 to date

Never has the world been so indebted to new technology. During the pandemic, it has provided a lifeline for families and for businesses, assisting the continued functioning of our economies through enabling work from home. At the same time, the e-scrap market continues to be subject to new trade restrictions and has not been immune to the global business slowdown, with volumes shrinking, exports hampered and many players forced to suspend operations. The E-Forum session will provide an opportunity to reflect on current legislative proposals, on the impact of COVID-19 to date and on how strongly the e-scrap industry is likely to emerge from the current crisis.

Chaired by:

Thomas Papageorgiou

Chairman, BIR E-Scrap Committee
Anamet SA, GRC

Presentations by:

Ross Bartley

Trade & Environment Director
Bureau of International Recylcing (BIR)

Friday June 5

15.00 - 16.00 CEST

International Environment Council: 
Regulatory wheels haven’t stopped turning! Focus on latest legislative developments affecting the world of recycling

With Coronavirus dominating centre stage, you could be forgiven for thinking that regulatory wheels have stopped turning. The BIR Global eForum session of BIR’s International Environmental Council will serve to correct any such misconception, providing an opportunity to shut out the noise surrounding the pandemic - temporarily at least - in order to allow experts to focus on latest legislative developments affecting, or likely to affect, the world of recycling.

Chaired by:

Olivier François

Chairman, BIR International Environment Council
Galloo, BEL/FRA

Invited panelists:

Emmanuel Katrakis

Secretary General, EuRIC asbl, BEL

Joe Pickard

Chief Economist & Director of Commodities, ISRI, USA

Ross Bartley

Trade & Environment Director, Bureau of International Recycling, BIR

Tuesday June 9

15.00 - 16.00 CEST

How is the ferrous market likely to play out in the coming months?

The balance of industry problems has tilted towards the supply side: demand is showing renewed strength at a time when volumes of scrap entering yards are struggling to recover - even before many parts of the world head into the traditionally slower summer months. Merchants are being contacted far more frequently by steel mills anxious to secure ferrous units. So how is this scenario likely to play out in the coming months? And can we expect other issues - such as banking bottlenecks in India and the scrap export suspension by the UAE - to be short term in nature? It is against this complex backdrop that BIR Global eForum participants will hold their discussions.

Chaired by:

Greg Schnitzer

President, BIR Ferrous Division
Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc., USA

Invited panelists:

Renate Featherstone

Principal Analyst, Multi-Commodity Research,
Wood Mackenzie, GBR

Rolf Willeke

Ferrous Statistics Advisor, Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)

16.30 - 17.30 CEST

Shredder: Lockdowns throughout the world - what is the current situation for shredder operators? What do they anticipate for the post-lockdown era?

April and May brought an unprecedented slump in new car sales across many countries, some reporting a drop of over 90%. Given that sales of new cars bring scrap cars into recycling facilities, such statistics drive home just how deeply COVID-19 has impacted shredder businesses, especially as inflows of other consumer products have dwindled too. With lockdowns throughout the world affecting not only consumption but also disposal behaviour, what is the current situation for shredder operators? How have they coped with any restrictions to their operations and workforce issues? And what do they anticipate for the post-lockdown era? The BIR Global eForum session will look to provide some answers.

Chaired by:

Alton Scott Newell III

Chairman, BIR Shredder Committee
Newell Recycling Equipment, USA

Invited panelists:

Chris Bedell

The David J. Joseph Company, USA

Thomas Papageorgiou

Anamet SA, GRC

Karl Hoffman

Steinert GmbH, DEU

Brian Gist

Tomra Sorting GmbH, GBR

Mike Shattuck

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd, GBR

Wednesday June 10

15.00 - 16.00 CEST

Plastics: Immediate challenges for plastics recyclers. The new turning point in our embracing the circular economy thinking and of increased recycled contents

As we entered 2020, the plastics recycling industry was anticipating another year of forensic media scrutiny. But then the COVID-19 pandemic conspired with plummeting oil prices to force environmental topics from the top of the agenda and to create a new set of immediate challenges for plastics recyclers, notably a demand weakened by global lockdowns, swollen stocks and a worsened competitive position versus virgin plastics - all of which will be discussed at the BIR Global eForum session. And yet, experts are asking themselves, could the pandemic prove to be a turning point in our attitudes to the world in which we live, and more specifically in our embracing of circular economy thinking and of increased recycled contents?
Chaired by:

Henk Alssema

Chairman, BIR Plastics Committee
Vita Plastics, NLD

Invited speakers/panelists:

Dirk Textor

Chairman BVSE, DEU

Steve Wong

China Scrap Plastics Association, CHN

Sally Houghton

The Plastic Recycling Corporation of California, USA

Natalia Cruz Cayuela

Ferromolins SL, ESP

Mahmoud Al Sharif

Sharif Metals Int'l LLC, ARE

Andrei Mihai Sofian

Rematholding CO. SRL., ROU

Clément Lefebvre

Veolia Propreté France Recycling, FRA
16.30 - 17.30 CEST

Stainless Steel / Special Alloys 

Thursday June 11

14.00 - 15.00 CEST

Tyres & Rubber 

Tuesday June 16

15.00 - 16.00 CEST


Tuesday June 23

15.00 - 16.00 CEST


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