Code of Conduct

Business ethics are very important to BIR. Therefore, any company that decides to join BIR must abide by a strict code of conduct and accept BIR’s Articles of Association.

Any BIR member will behave honestly during its commercial transactions with members and non-members alike in compliance with the general terms and conditions which are commonly used in the trade and industry. In the case of a dispute, they will try to reach a compromise or make use of the BIR Arbitration Services (link) and abide by the sentence of the arbitrators. Whenever possible, reference to BIR Arbitration will be mentioned on their contracts.

Additional Code of Conduct for public affairs and media relations

This code of conduct applies to Officers and Members of the BIR in their contacts with international Public Institutions (UNEP/OECD/EU etc…), National Governments and Institutions and the Media. Officers and Members of the BIR are not entitled to speak on behalf of or represent the BIR unless they have been officially mandated by either their Divisional President, Committee Chairman or by the President of Director General (BIR officials). Officers and members of the BIR, when asked by BIR officials to represent the interests of the BIR are all committed to abide by this code; acting in an honest, responsible and courteous manner at all times. They will abstain from committing BIR financially, and will always seek for BIR President/Treasurer/Director General previous agreements in this respect. In their dealings with International and National Institutions, Governments and with the Media, BIR Representatives shall:

Identity and Mandate:
  • identify themselves by name and company and explain BIR sectorial activities.
  • declare the BIR interest represented.
  • neither intentionally misrepresent their status nor the nature of their inquiries to officials of the institutions and/or media nor create any false impression in relation thereto.
  • neither directly, nor indirectly, misrepresent links with institutions and/or the media.
  • strictly abide by the BIR Officials guidelines or instructions on subject area and argumentation of lobbying action. Written statements are to be proof-read and accepted by the BIR officials before dissemination.
  • Avoid any profession conflicts of interest.
Confidentiality and use of information:
  • not disseminate false or misleading information knowingly, or recklessly, and exercise proper care to avoid doing so inadvertently.
  • not use/communicate for profit to third parties copies, obtained from institutions and/or media.
  • honour confidential information given to them.
  • not obtain information from institutions and/or the media by dishonest means.
Relationship with institutions and media:
  • neither directly nor indirectly offer nor give any financial inducement to any official nor their staff.
  • neither propose nor undertake any action which would constitute an improper influence on them and could affect the BIR image.
  • only employ official personnel, subject to the rules of confidentiality requirements of the institutions.

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