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Applying for BIR membership is a simple process that you can complete online.

Please take a look at our explanatory video (link) that contains all the necessary information for a successful completion of the application process.

Please note that the following conditions must be fulfilled when applying for BIR membership:

  • Give evidence of their commercial activities (and provide relative documents)
  • Have been active in the industry/trade for a minimum of three years and be recognized as a company in good standing.
  • Have at least 2 BIR member companies/1 federation providing our secretariat with references.
  • Be in full compliance with national and international environmental legislation.
  • Be in full compliance with the taxation authorities.
  • Be in full compliance with the social security legislation.
  • Accept to respect the “Articles of Association” and the “Internal Regulations”.

After having been accepted as a member any candidate must:

  • Continue to respect the membership conditions.
  • Abide by the “Articles of Association” and the “Internal Rules” of the organisation.
  • Inform BIR of any change of commercial activities or structure which may have an impact on its membership status.
  • Inform BIR of any legal problems which may have an impact on the BIR image.
  • Behave honestly during its commercial transactions with members and non-members alike in compliance with the general terms and conditions which are commonly used in the trade and industry. BIR might decide to suspend any member company about which a claim has been filed by another member from the association for non-observance of the terms of a signed contract.
  • In the case of a commercial dispute, companies will try to reach a compromise or make use of the BIR Arbitration services and abide by the sentence of the arbitrators. Whenever possible reference to BIR Arbitration will be mentioned on their contracts.


You can find an overview of our currently applicable fees here.

BIR membership fees cover the current financial year (1 January to 31 December) and are to be settled upon receipt of the corresponding debit note issued by BIR.

For new applications - depending on receipt and process of the latter:

  • from January until May: full membership - valid until 31 December
  • from June (after the BIR Spring Convention) until October: 50% discount on the annual membership fee - valid until December
  • from November (after the BIR Autumn Convention) until December of the following year: full membership fee - valid until December (of the following year)
Any member may resign from BIR provided a six months' notice is given in writing (letter, fax, e-mail).

Membership categories

If your company/association wants to become a BIR member, you have the following possibilities:

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