Membership Services

BIR membership offers a vast array of advantages to any company or federation.

Business and Networking Opportunities

As the world’s only global recycling industry organisation, BIR offers unique opportunities to develop international business contacts. Joining BIR grants access to its Members Directory, an essential networking and information tool featuring details about potential suppliers and customers in more than 70 countries across the world.

BIR organises two international conventions each year. These events usually draw close to a thousand business leaders in the recycling industry who come to establish new contacts and trade. The latest technology and market developments are also presented.

Expert Knowledge and Up-to-date Market Information

With contributions from its members, BIR regularly publishes information on the most recent market updates and news on commercial and environmental regulation. BIR also organises workshops, machine and equipment exhibitions, as well as technical round-tables throughout the year with international industry experts.

Influential Position with Decision Makers and Key Industry Players

BIR’s extensive network has become an influential source of information for public authorities, the media, scientists, academics and other industry sectors. Representing its members' interests, BIR maintains contact with other international bodies (UN, OECD, EU), advising them on the formulation of appropriate legislation and the promotion of a more competitive recycling industry.

Legal Advice and Arbitration

From its Brussels secretariat, BIR offers multilingual regulatory advice and arbitration services in commercial disputes and claims.

Recently updated, BIR’s arbitration rules ensure a fast and uncomplicated means of resolving legal disputes, thereby avoiding lawsuits which can prove to be time-consuming and expensive for all the parties involved. If you want to take advantage of BIR’s arbitration service, click here.

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