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Covid-19: First virtual meeting of BIR Ambassadors

  • 09 April 2020
  • BIR

This week, President Tom Bird chaired a first virtual meeting with BIR Ambassadors to exchange views and information about the various market and regulatory situations around the globe.

Many ambassadors expressed concern that, due to shut-down measures, many seaports were facing congestion. Containers are piling up in ports of destination with either slow handling or no handling at all. Also, it appears that the situation varies from country to country, with very contradicting scenarios, with regions not affected by the pandemic continuing business as usual, and others under strict lockdown.

Yet again, participants stressed the importance of BIR in coordinating and voicing the interests of the recycling industry at global level. The organisation’s recent initiative towards governments, shipping lines and seaport authorities will now be relayed and enhanced by BIR Ambassadors.  

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