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Recent BIR World Recycling Convention in Munich (24-25 October 2011)

Tyres Committee: ELT collection fees on declining course

Producer responsibility schemes in Europe have proved to be “really a success” in the management of end-of-life tyres (ELTs), the BIR Tyres Committee meeting in Munich was told by its Chairman, Barend Ten Bruggencate of the Netherlands. And the high value of the associated funds means that collection fees will go down throughout Europe, he pointed out.

The most recent figures from the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) confirm that 2.494m tonnes of used tyres were recovered in the 27 member states of the EU in 2009. The EU-27 achieved an average recycling rate of 95% - a figure which compares to around 89% in the USA and 91% in Japan when using the most recent available statistics, Mr Ten Bruggencate pointed out to delegates in Munich. ELT management costs in the EU-27 amount to some Euro 600m per annum, he added.

Across the EU, landfilling of scrap tyres has been in “continuous decline” since the mid-1990s while the proportions entering the retreading and reuse for export channels have been reasonably static. In contrast, materials recovery and energy recovery from ELTs have both enjoyed substantial growth over recent years, explained the Tyres Committee Chairman. He went on to underline the importance of developing precise standards for ELT-derived shred, crumb and powder in order to maximise consumer confidence in the uniformity of these materials. 

In his speech, Mr Ten Bruggencate also drew attention to the fact that some 5.5m tonnes of used tyres can be found in illegal dumps or stockpiles across the EU-27.

Scheduled guest speaker Michael Hvam of Genan Deutschland was unable to attend the Tyres Committee meeting in Munich owing to ill health.