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BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Barcelona: (27) 28- 30 May 2018

International Trade Council, Tuesday 29th May 2018, 16:15


Your Organization crucially needs YOU!!

BIR knows how valuable your precious time is during our exciting conventions and has always recognized that first and foremost the unparalleled opportunity to network with your fellow delegates must be a key priority at all times, along with benefiting from our dynamic range of programme sessions.

At the present time and that of our World Recycling Convention in Barcelona, our industry is beset with unique challenges and threats to the well-being, functioning and profitability of you and your companies in your international trading activities. A combination of events have created “a Perfect Storm”, most especially in the form of new and vastly perplexing changes to the scrap import environment conditions for China, as well as at the macro level the concerns and potential hazards of a possible emerging global trade war.

In the light of these serious challenges and exceptional concerns, BIR has assembled for the ITC plenary session a panel of industry experts drawn from our membership including:

•    William Schmiedel, Sims Metal Management (USA), Ferrous commodity representative
•    Murat Bayram, EMR (GBR), Non-Ferrous commodity representative
•    Ranjit Singh Baxi, J&H Sales International (GBR), Paper commodity representative and BIR     President
•    Surendra Borad Patawari, Gemini Corporation (BEL), Plastics commodity representative
•    Mehdi Zerroug, Framimex (FRA), Textiles commodity representative
•    Arnaud Brunet, BIR Director General

The panel will be moderated by Michael Lion, Everwell Resources (CHN), as Chairman of the ITC .

The views and experience of the illustrious panel will surely be invaluable, BUT the session is intended to be fully interactive and will encourage all attendees to contribute their views, input and experience to the discussion. It is only in this way that the BIR Secretariat under the leadership of Director General Arnaud Brunet, together with Trade and Environment Director Ross Bartley and the entire Brussels Team can reflect and represent the membership’s aspirations and needs as the global voice of the international recycling industry most effectively in influencing and shaping controls in our interaction with the relevant counter-parties in these crucially important matters.

On a personal level as an active member of BIR and an officer of the organization for over 45 years, I understand only too well the priority of networking during our conventions and how precious your limited time will be - but I urge everyone attending to exceptionally schedule your own meetings to enable you to both attend and contribute fully to this essential session. It is only with your help and input that we can most positively move forward to protect and preserve the best interests and profitability of you all as our members.

So please spare the hour of 16:15 to 17:15 on Tuesday May 29th to attend and contribute to the ITC session – your invaluable input and views must be recognized and appreciated at this critical moment!

Thank you!

Michael Lion
Everwell Resources (CHN)
Chairman of the International Trade Council

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