Posted on 19/11/2010 in category Legislation

AQSIQ: First list of registered overseas suppliers for imported “solid wastes” as raw materials

Under AQSIQ announcement 83 (2010), Appendix 1, which was issued on 6th August, a total of 3,159 overseas suppliers in 86 countries (click here) and regions have been identified and qualified by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for exporting “solid waste” as raw materials into China.

Foreign suppliers who do not appear on the list (or which have had their qualified registration cancelled, suspended or written off) may apply/reapply in accordance with the requirements stipulated in AQSIQ announcement 98/2010.

At the beginning of next year, AQSIQ will issue the list of approved foreign suppliers of solid waste used as raw materials.