Posted on 13/12/2010 in category Legislation

AQSIQ license renewal: Existing licenses extended until 31 March 2011!

In addition to our news dated Friday, 10th December, BIR would like to inform its members that this morning, AQSIQ has explicitly confirmed that companies who have already applied for license renewal but whose application is in the process of verification, have their existing license extended until 31 March 2011.

AQSIQ writes: “Before March 31, 2011, all the suppliers who have applied for renewal by the end of this year and who are awaiting verification can continue shipping their goods to China and applying PSI at loading ports or loading places”.

According to AQSIQ, to date around 500 companies have not submitted their application for license renewal (application deadline is 31st December 2010). BIR urges companies who have not yet send in their renewal application to do so asap. In case of doubt please contact AQSIQ directly.