Posted on 06/12/2010 in category Legislation

AQSIQ renewal application deadline will be extended by 90 days

Today, BIR received confirmation that AQSIQ will accept “to extend (the) renewal application date by 90 days”, following an official letter BIR had addressed to AQSIQ on Friday, 3rd December.

In its letter, BIR pointed out the importance of giving more time for renewal applications.

“We are very concerned that because of the high number of (re) applicants… many well-established companies which have already been officially accepted as ‘overseas suppliers’ for the last three years or more will not get their 2011-2013 licences renewed,” BIR Director General Francis Veys wrote in his letter to AQSIQ.

“We are also concerned”, he added, “that many AQSIQ registered companies who are still waiting for their renewed license and who have in the meantime already shipped materials/recyclables to China could meet serious difficulties if they do not have an AQSIQ license at the time the materials arrive in China”.

BIR was also told that AQSIQ will soon publish a list with the first 500 approved companies. BIR will of course keep its membership abreast of any further developments in this matter.