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BIR creates Exhibitors Committee

BIR is pleased to announce the creation of a special committee for companies exhibiting at BIR conventions. The Exhibitors Committee will give a voice to those BIR members who have been, or intend to be, exhibiting their products and services at BIR events. With a growing number of interested companies clearly recognising the advantages and extraordinary visibility stemming from such an initiative, BIR leadership has decided to provide a forum for exchange and direct input with regards to the choice of exhibition space at future BIR convention venues.

Rolf G 3

After the creation of the committee in June 2014, a first meeting took place at the recent BIR Convention in Paris. Mr Rolf Gren of Pallmann Group was appointed chairman and will be in direct contact with the BIR Convention Committee, where he will also have a representative seat.

Mr Gren is an experienced businessman with a track record of senior positions in the Swedish Electrolux Group and for the last eight years in the recycling industry. Currently, he is serving as Senior Executive Vice-President for the Pallmann Group as well as General Manager for Pallmann Industries based in Clifton, New Jersey (USA). Mr Gren is also involved in the group’s China business as President of Pallmann Company in Beijing. Since Mr Gren is also in charge of Corporate Marketing for the whole of Pallmann Group, his knowledge and understanding of an exhibitor’s needs and wishes predestine him for the role as Exhibitors Committee Chairman.

Founded in 1903 as an engineering works, Pallmann is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise specialized in size reduction and processing technology in various sectors. Now a global company, the Pallmann Group numbers more than 1000 machine types in what is the world's largest range of size reduction equipment for all materials ranging from soft to medium-hard, brittle to tough, as well as fibrous products. Worldwide, the group employs around 700 staff with representations in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

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