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BIR Director General Arnaud Brunet attends various national association events

Working closely with BIR’s national member associations is very high on Arnaud Brunet’s agenda. Since joining BIR last year, he has been attending a number of national association events to establish a close and fruitful contact with their leadership and also understand that challenges that recycling companies are facing at national levels.

Most recently, Mr Brunet attended the Annual Conference of EuRIC on 6 March 2018 in Brussels to promote BIR’s most recent initiative, the Global Recycling Day. During the well-attended meeting Mr Brunet exchanged views with many European companies and associations that are also direct members of BIR, stressing his willingness to go and meet them in their respective country for a more direct exchange.

Together with BIR President Ranjit Baxi, Mr Brunet also participated in the 2018 annual conference of the Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR) in Dubai, UAE on 10-11 March. The two-day event brought together regional and international companies and industry leaders,  and was very well organised by the BMR team under the leadership of Salam Sharif, who is also Chairman of the BIR Ambassadors Committee.

In the framework of the promotion of Global Recycling Day, Mr Brunet attended a press conference on 15 March in Paris, organised by the French member association FEDEREC in support of GRD. Following his presentation he answered questions by around 20 journalists in attendance and was interviewed more extensively at the close of the event. Mr Brunet continues his close cooperation with FEDEREC by attending their international committee on 30 March.

Previously, Mr Brunet had already visited Tüdam in Tukey, MRAI in India and CMRA in China at their respective conferences.

It is Mr Brunet’s aim to continue visiting national member associations either during their events/general assembly or for high-level talks with their leadership on a more ad-hoc basis.



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