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BIR General Assembly offers unique insight in future global business strategies

Keynote speaker Hamish McRae, one of the best known visionaries on global economy, provides a highly topical outlook on future trends in business and society.

As a special service for delegates attending the upcoming World Recycling Convention in Istanbul, BIR has invited an internationally renowned futurist and economic analyst who offers a bold vision on the world economy within the next 25 years.

Hamish McRae, who is associate editor and principal economic commentator of one of the UK’s most important daily newspaper, The Independent, gained international fame with his book “The World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity” . His latest work “What works: Success in Stressful Times” focuses on excellence in the world economy, the shift of economic power to Asia and how technology interacts with human capital to shift competitive advantage.

In his presentation, Mr McRae not only shows where we will be in the next twenty-five years, but how we will get there. The emergence of culture and values as a source of competitive edge for industrialized nations signals a profound shift in world order. Hamish McRae demonstrates how changes in demography, the environment, government, technology and natural resources, will contribute to this new competitive landscape.

Mr McRae has won several awards for his journalistic work, such as the Business and Finance Journalist of the Year in the 2006 British Press Awards, and Communicator of the Year at the 2007 Business Journalist Awards.

Additional speakers for the General Assembly and for the commodity plenary sessions will be announced in separate press releases.

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