Posted on 01/03/2012 in category BIR

Material Theft from Containers: BIR Member Companies Share their Experience...

Following BIR’s initiative to question its member companies with regards to material theft from containers they might have been exposed to over the last months, many BIR affiliates promptly reacted to the inquiry.

Several companies returned the filled-in questionnaire to the BIR Brussels Secretariat, with interesting details about the nature of theft, the volume and value of stolen materials, the shipping lines and ports where theft occured, etc.

BIR encourages all companies that have been affected by theft from containers shipped overseas and particularly to China to share their experience with the organisation. This would be an incentive for BIR to eventually prepare a file for further actions with the competent authorities.

In any case, BIR members contributions will feed the round-table discussions of the BIR International Trade Council, which will be devoted to this striking issue at the upcoming BIR Spring Convention in Rome (30 May - 1 June 2012).

BIR’s letter to its member companies and the related questionnaire can be downloaded here.