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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) in Paris (27-28 October 2014)

Non-Ferrous Metals Division: “Europe in a state of agitation” – High-profile panel discusses geopolitical and macro-economic challenges potentially impacting our industry

As Europe is gearing up to stay competitive in the global marketplace, the importance of industry as an essential driver for welfare has been clearly recognized. However, industry is increasingly under pressure by rising costs and stringent regulations on a national and European level.

During its upcoming plenary meeting, the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division has decided to move the European continent centre stage and focus on some of the main challenges that this part of the world is facing. Under the leadership of President Bob Stein of Alter Trading (USA), the divisional board has invited a panel of experts from industry, finance and academia to enter a debate on political, economic and monetary policies, international competitiveness, environmental legislation and the unhindered trade of our commodities.

First panellist and moderator of the discussion entitled “Europe in a state of agitation” is Philippe CHALMIN, Professor of economic history at Paris-Dauphine University and founder of the Circle Cyclope, the main European institute for research on commodities, which has been publishing every year since 1986 a full report on the status and prospects of global markets for raw materials. Author of about 40 books, Professor Chalmin also regular publishes articles in newspapers and appears on television in economic talk shows.

Second panellist is Alessandro GIRAUDO, World Group Chief Economist of the international Group Tradition-Viel. He teaches “Markets Finance” and “Economic History of Financial Markets” at one of the main business schools in Paris (ISG) and has written several books on economic history subjects.  The Group Tradition-Viel was founded in 1959 and one of the world’s leading interdealer broker (IBD) in financial and non-financial products with offices worldwide in 27 countries. It owns 40% of the private bank Swisslife.

The panel is completed by Patrick VERSCHELDE, President and CEO of METALLUM Group Holding. The Metallum Group is active in the international trade in the areas of primary and secondary metals and their residues, in the processing of metal, iron and electronic scrap and the provision of comprehensive recycling services, operating worldwide with approximately 20 subsidiaries.

The plenary session will also feature a summary report on the situation on the international non-ferrous markets presented by divisional board member Alexandra Weibel Natan of Manco, France.