Posted on 26/04/2018 in category BIR

BIR President and Director General attend Annual ISRI Convention

Both BIR President Ranjit Baxi and BIR Director General Arnaud Brunet attended the last ISRI Convention in Las Vegas from 15 to 19 April and participated in many of the very interesting meetings organized by ISRI for their attendees. Mr Brunet, who attended for the first time,  congratulated the ISRI team, starting with outgoing Chair Mark Lewon and President Robin Wiener for the quality of this successful event.

On Tuesday 17, at the International VIP reception jointly organised by ISRI and BIR, President Baxi welcomed the many members of both associations that had been invited. The event, located at the Four Seasons Hotel was a big success, and the opportunity to celebrate a fruitful cooperation between the two organisations.

In the course of the convention, one of the major subjects discussed was the situation of the global industry facing new Chinese restrictive import regulations, including some that just came out during the ISRI event, applicable in 2019 and 2020. China will once again be a focal point of discussion at the next may BIR World Recycling Convention in Barcelona. Now that China is closing its doors even further, it is time to look at new opportunities and others emerging or growing markets.    

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