Posted on 11/06/2013 in category Paper

Recovered Paper Market in 2011

For several years, BIR has been publishing global figures on recovered paper, which were compiled and commented by Giampiero Magnaghi, Past President of the BIR Paper Division.

For the first time, these figures have recently been published in the BIR statistics series “BIR Global Facts & Figures”, which already contains statistical information on ferrous metals and in the coming months on non-ferrous metals.

Compared to previous editions, the format is now a full-colour square brochure that gives the most important information on the international recovered paper market, in some cases favouring graphs over tables in order to provide a better basis for data comparison and for developments in time.

This initiative is in line with BIR’s policy to increasingly focus on providing statistical overviews for all its commodities.

We hope that you will find this information useful. In the coming days, your company will receive one hard copy of this brochure, but feel free to ask for more copies if you feel that this could be of interest for your business partners and/or government contacts.