Posted on 12/10/2016 in category Convention

BIR World Mirror Latin America and Interactive Open Session in Amsterdam

The BIR Latin America Committee is proud to present their first World Mirror on Latin America (open link).

Please join them on the occasion of the upcoming BIR World Recycling Convention in Amsterdam (24-25 October 2016) for their Interactive Open Session on “Business opportunities in Latin America”, on Monday, 24 October 2016 at 17.00.

  • Did you know Mexico was the fastest growing market for aluminium demand in the world during 2015 and it’s anticipated to lead demand growth in 2016 as well?
  • Did you know the Latin America has efficient shipping routes to both Asia and Europe, in addition to proximity with the U.S.?
  • International traders with 20+ years’ experience trading in the region describe their suppliers as their most loyal.  Do you have any LATAM consumers or suppliers?
  • Did you know that Mexico is the home to the world’s largest aluminium automotive part manufacturer?

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