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BIR World Mirror on Latin America - Issue April 2017

I celebrate the opportunity provided by this Mirror to share some thoughts with you about a developing and complex region of the world. I would like to thank my colleagues on the Latin America Committee as well as in the different BIR divisions for sharing their insights.

During the last couple of months, the Mexican peso has appreciated significantly from a low of MX$ 21.95 to the US dollar to MX$ 18.51 - a level very similar to the one observed before the US election. This is due to investors and the public realising that the current economic integration between the USA and Mexico carries more weight and value than suggested by recent demagoguery aimed at deriding it.

Not only has the Mexican peso gained ground but also domestic auto production has continued to record historic highs. During March alone, vehicle production jumped 35.7% to 363,000 units while exports grew 32.5% to 297,000 units; for the first quarter as a whole, production climbed 1.6% to 944,000 units and exports 12.8% to 750,000 units (...)

Alejandro Jaramillo – Glorem SC (MEX)
Chairman of the BIR Latin America Committee

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