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BIR World Mirror on Non-Ferrous Metals - October 2012

Stability and sustainability
Fragile economies in most of the world continue to negatively impact the non-ferrous sector despite attempts by the industrialized nations’ central banks at providing stability. Growth in many parts of the world is either steady at very low levels, or declining to more modest levels in others. While this situation lends stability and hopefully sustainability to the economic well-being of the world economy, it detracts from the boom times we experienced for many years prior to the financial disasters of a few years ago.

In general, non-ferrous scrap is in short supply; and from a dealer’s perspective, that which is available comes at a high price. Scrap is a liquid asset that can almost always find a market, but according to many sellers it is difficult to replace that which they have sold at reasonable margins. This is not unique to large operators, but to small processors as well. Nor is it unique to a specific geography, but seemingly all over the world.

I look forward to meeting you in Barcelona, with hopes that together we can solve the world’s problems!

Robert Stein
Alter Trading (USA)
President of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division
September 2012

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