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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) Prague, (25) 26-27 October 2015:

Ferrous Division: “Navigating the Crushing Waves of Change”

During the upcoming BIR World Recycling Convention in Prague (25-27 October 2015), the BIR Ferrous Division under the presidency of William Schmiedel of Sims Metal Management Global Trade Corporation will provide a global overview of the current challenges facing the international steel scrap markets with a tentative outlook on developments in the coming year.

On Tuesday, 27 October at 9.00, the plenary session will feature a keynote presentation by Ms Becky E. Hites from Steel-Insights LLC (USA). Ms Hites is a global steel industry professional and former Wall Street executive who has served as an equity analyst, project finance and mergers and acquisitions investment banker, cost modelling expert, industry trend macro and micro consultant, expert witness and C-level strategic planning consultant. In 2012 she founded Steel-Insights, LLC in order to provide highly specialized services to clients in the metals, mining and manufacturing industries.

The title of her presentation is “Global Economic Contraction: Navigating the Crushing Waves of Change”.

Her presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and interactive Q&A with the audience.

Attending delegates will also hear a summary report on the steel markets in the major world regions and will receive a statistical update on international material flows by BIR’s Statistics Advisor Rolf Willeke.

So far, over 600 participants have registered for our convention! You can register here to join us for the world’s premier recycling industry event!


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