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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) Prague, (25) 26-27 October 2015:

Paper Division: Focus on trends and opportunities on Eastern European RP markets

The 2015 World Recycling Convention in Prague will kick off with the meeting of the Paper Division on Monday, 26 October at 9.00. Under the presidency of Reinhold Schmidt of Recycling Karla Schmidt (Germany), the divisional board has invited two guest speakers from Czech Republic and Hungary who will provide attendees with an up-to-date assessment of the Eastern European recovered paper markets.

  • Mr Jaroslav Tymich is the Executive and Managing Director of EuroWaste (Mondi Group), the biggest recovered paper trade company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mondi plc is an international packaging and paper group employing over 24,400 people with 102 operations across more than 30 countries, predominantly in central Europe, Russia and South Africa. In addition to his role as Managing Director of EuroWaste, Mr Tymich is also Vice President of ACPP - Association of Czech Pulp and Paper Industry and member of CEPI’s raw material committee.The title of his presentation will be: “Paper for recycling in Eastern Europe: trends and current situation”.
  • Second guest speaker is Mr Balázs Makó, Managing Director of Paper Metal Recycling GmbH (Hungary), a company founded in 1991. Mr Makó is also Board Member of the Hungarian recycling association HOE.Mr Makó will be speaking on "Recovered paper collection in Hungary – conflicting interests between local authorities and the private sector".

During the session, an overview will be given regarding the situation on the international RP markets, based on the most recent BIR World Mirror on Recovered Paper, which will also be distributed in print at the Convention.

Download the agenda here.

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