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BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Berlin (29 May – 1 June 2016)

E-Scrap Committee: Listen to business-enhancing presentations

Dear BIR Member, dear Convention Participant,
The BIR E-Scrap Committee, under the chairmanship of Thomas Papageorgiou (Anamet Recycling Industry SA, Greece), offers attending delegates a very interesting selection of expert presentations on a variety of topics pertaining to E-Scrap:
“Product information as a key to extracting value from WEEE” by Mr. Thomas Opsomer, Repair Policy Engineer, iFixit Europe

iFixit is a global online repair community renowned for open source repair manuals and product teardowns. A wiki-based website that teaches people how to fix almost anything is combined with a sales platform for tools and spare parts, creating a repair solution that helps millions of consumers every month and is relied upon by repair businesses around the world. Repair is iFixit’s mission - a way to fix the world, one broken device at a time.

Thomas Opsomer combines an academic background in classical literature with hands-on technical know-how. After almost a decade as a product specialist in the power tools business, he now works as a repair policy engineer for iFixit.

He is involved in projects exploring options for more sustainable product design and end-of-life treatment, such as the Horizon 2020 project CloseWEEE. He also promotes repair as one of the best circular economy options with European institutions and organizations, and acts as an expert in reparability and reusability for the European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS).
“Absolutely Critical! Data Security in the Circular Economy” by Mr. Andrew Noel Brown, UK Head of Business Development (ITAD), Sims Recycling Solutions – Europe

Sims Recycling Solutions delivers services to maximise the value recovery of your redundant ICT assets, mobile devices and other technology. Sims offer professional testing, grading and refurbishment alongside secure data cleansing and destruction, available on or off site. Sims’ certified, global services ensure maximum value recovery and the avoidance of landfill.

Andrew Noel Brown is the UK Head of Business Development (ITAD) at Sims Recycling Solutions. Using a consultative, innovative and solutions-orientated approach, he oversees a team of Business Development Mangers who work with local, national and global customers in government and business sectors to provide secure disposition services for all types of retired electronic equipment. Previously he was the Business Development Manager, Financial & Professional Services Sector, at Iron Mountain, and held senior account management positions at Secure Data Management Limited and Online Security Services. A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, he holds a degree in Fine Art (BFA) from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
“Status of the Meta-Study on Electrical & Electronic Equipment Statistics” by Dr. Thomas Papageorgiou, Anamet Recycling Industry SA

See the full meeting agenda here.