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BIR World Recycling Convention in Warsaw, 27-29 Oct. 2013 (Autumn Round-Table Sessions)

Paper Division: Tuesday, 29 October 2013 at 14.30: Two well-known guest speakers take the floor

During the upcoming plenary session of the BIR Paper Division in Warsaw under the presidency of Reinhold Schmidt, Recycling Karla Schmidt (Germany), two guest speakers will take the floor in addition to a topical overview of the world markets provided with by divisional board members.

Ilpo Ervasti, Senior Advisor at Indufor Oy, a Finland-based independent consultancy specialised in forestry and forest industry development, will be presenting an analytical insight into the “Chaos in terminology related to recycling in the paper and board industry”. Mr Ervasti’s knowledge stems from over 30 years’ experience in market and business opportunity studies as well as raw material availability studies in the forest industry nationally and worldwide.

The second speaker is Bill Moore, President of Moore & Associates, an international consulting firm engaged in providing a range of strategic services to the paper recycling industry.  Mr. Moore's knowledge base includes all aspects of the worldwide supply and demand of recovered paper. His presentation will provide an insight into the Impacts of Recovered Paper Exports on the US Market.

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