Posted on 23/03/2007 in category Legislation

China: AQSIQ imposes new registration rules to domestic importers of recyclables/scrap materials

In their efforts to protect the environment in China and improve the performance of the national companies importing recyclables/scrap to China, the Chinese authorities (AQSIQ) have issued notice No 52 imposing stricter rules for the qualification and registration of Chinese domestic enterprises.

AQSIQ will start accepting applications for registration as from April 1, 2007. After September 1, 2007 inspection agencies at the port of entry will not accept inspection applications from unregistered domestic importers (consignees).

The registration will be valid for five years and the importer (consignee) must apply for the renewal of the registration at least 6 months before the expiration date of the registration.

The full text of notice No 52 is available here in Chinese and in English (unofficial translation).

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