Posted on 04/05/2018 in category Legislation

China : General Administration of Customs tightens inspection procedures for shipments from USA 

Following the news announcing the temporary suspension of CCIC North America certification operations in the United States, BIR provides the English translation of Notice No 152/2018 issued in Chinese by the General Administration of Customs.

The Notice highlights China’s intention to “strengthen the inspection and supervision on importation of wastes as raw materials” from the United States with immediate effect as from 4 May 2018.

•    All waste imports will be unpacked and 100% checked and quarantined. Moreover, the following materials will undergo laboratory testing and analysis: thermosetting plastics, powder-containing metal scraps, special paper (such as silicone paper, waxed paper, thermal paper, water-proof paper, etc.) aside from regular waste paper, and suspectable hazardous waste aside from regular waste

•    CCIC North America is suspended for one month from carrying out pre-shipment inspections.

•    Customs will be very strict in verifying all inspection documents, including pre-shipment certificates and shipping documents. Any irregularities will be immediately reported to the Inspection and Supervision Department of the General Administration of Customs.

BIR is concerned to hear that containers already on the water from the USA to China, having been inspected before shipment but without yet receiving the full and authentic CCIC Certificate from CCIC-NA will be rejected on arrival at Chinese ports. Rumour has it that exporting companies may be severely penalised in case of rejection at the Chinese port of entry, even to the extent of losing their AQSIQ licence as a supply enterprise.  

Although it is entirely a business decision, exporters are advised to consider their options and the risks therein, such as proceeding with sending the shipment to China or seeking an alternative destination other than China. Nevertheless, exporters are advised not to prepare shipments from the United States to China until the matter is resolved.  Given the severity of the situation BIR is working closely with ISRI and its other member associations.

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