Posted on 08/01/2019 in category Legislation

China moves eight types of waste import to “restricted” list

The People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Commerce, National Development & Reform Commission and General Administration of Customs announced on December 21 2018 through Notice N°68 in Chinese that, with effect from July 1 2019, eight types of waste and scrap will move from its “Catalogue of Solid Waste Not Restricted to Import as Raw Materials” to its “Catalogue of Solid Waste Restricted to Import as Raw Materials”.
The list of eight re-categorised wastes in English can be downloaded here.
Please see the BIR News item dated April 23 2018 and entitled “China: additional import prohibitions for 32 types of solid waste” for the list of 16 wastes for which an importation ban became effective from the beginning of this year.

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