Posted on 06/09/2010 in category Convention

Excellent registration score for BIR’s upcoming World Recycling Convention in Brussels (Autumn Round-Table Sessions, 25-26 October)

Registrations for the BIR Autumn Round-Table Sessions are coming in at a steady pace ever since online registration opened at the end of July, approaching now the 400-participants mark. Bookings are likely to accelerate as businesses are returning to a faster pace after the summer break.

The pre-booked room allotment at the Sheraton Hotel is almost entirely sold, but the supporting hotels chosen by BIR offer excellent accommodation alternatives since two of them lie within spitting distance of the convention venue (Hotel Hilton Brussels City and Progress Hotel).

If you are thinking of attending, save some extra money by taking advantage of the early-bird discount available for BIR members until 17th September 2010.

Registrations can be made online on or via fax (registration form downloads on the BIR convention pages).

You will have noticed that the convention programme was sent out only electronically and no longer in hard copy, in order to make sure that all our members receive the information as soon as possible and are able to register in a timely manner.

If you are not sure about your online registration credentials, which you received a while ago, do not hesitate to contact our office. If you wish to change your password you can do so by logging into the Members Area, Your Account.