Posted on 26/04/2018 in category BIR

Global Recycling Day – the global impact in numbers

As reported in the last eBrief, the Global Recycling Day has known a huge success. A movement has definitely been started – events, campaigns and efforts sparking up across the globe – with the Seventh Resource at its heart.

Several major global brands have joined in (some already teed up for year two conversations). Engagement with the UN has surpassed expectations, the GRD manifesto has opened many doors and has been adopted at a grass roots level. BIR has been heralded as a recycling leader and authority in their field of expertise, championing the Seventh Resource.

Over the recent weeks, Flagship Consulting – the agency entrusted by BIR to organise GRD – has undergone a very detailed impact study to highlight the overall outreach achieved through the initiative.

Sophy Norris of Flagship Consulting will give a very detailed presentation during the upcoming meeting of the BIR World Council of Recycling Associations on Tuesday, 29 May, in the framework of the World Recycling Convention in Barcelona (28-30 May 2018).

Global Recycling Day in numbers:
•    Testimonials from 10 world leaders
•    23 global events witnessed by 10,000 people
•    200 media hits (min) with a reach of 2 million
•    10.5 million impressions of GRD on social
•    10,600+ signatures to petition
•    35,000 web page views to a new site
•    700 competition entries



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