Posted on 29/09/2015 in category Legislation

IMPORTANT! - To all BIR Members dealing with China: Please check if your AQSIQ licence needs to be renewed.

Dear BIR Member,

Please check the expiration date of your AQSIQ licence. For licenses expiring on 30th April 2016, the renewal time is between 1st November 2015 and 31st January 2016.  

AQSIQ licenses need to be renewed 3-6 months prior to the license expire date. Companies failing to do so will see their licenses cancelled after expiration and will be disallowed from exporting to mainland China.

We urge our members to follow the instructions posted on the BIR website (Members Only – Legislation – China).

Licence modification

If you have changed your company name, company address, company legal representative since you received the AQSIQ License, you need to update it on time. Otherwise, your license renewal will be affected.

It appears that, if both your company name and company legal representative are changed, you need to apply for a new license.

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