Posted on 13/04/2015 in category Legislation

India revises its PSIC rules – relief for foreign suppliers! 

With reference to DGFT Public Notice No. 05/2015-2020 - dated 10 April 2015, DGFT has listened to the concerns of foreign suppliers of shredded, un-shredded, compressed and loose forms of metallic waste.

It has just been announced that DGFT has suspended the provisions of the PSIC rules brought into force from 1st April 2015, namely paragraphs 2.55 and 2.56 of the DGFT Handbook of Procedures 2015-20, and retain in force the pre-April 2015 Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC), as laid down in paragraphs 2.32.2A and 2.32.2B  of the DGFT Handbook of Procedures  Vol. I 2001-14

Many representations were made to DGFT, amongst which the Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI) had asked for the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) to write to the Indian Authorities. BIR, its member companies and affiliated federations, were indeed concerned due to the sudden introduction of the revisions to the Handbook of Procedures and to its Appendices and the technical, legal and likely economic aspects of compliance.

DGFT keeps the new rules in abeyance, whilst considering changes to them, and may consult industry representatives on the proposed changes in the next days. Furthermore MRAI predict revised rules may come into force towards the end of this month.
Given the longer time granted by DGFT for foreign suppliers and their respective inspection and certification agencies to comply with these revised again rules, it is opportune that on Tuesday 19th May the BIR International Trade Council provides a forum at the BIR Convention in Dubai to discuss the PSIC rule issue.

Direct links to DGFT documents:

a) Public Notice No. 05/2015-2020 - dated 10 April 2015

b) Pre-April 2015 provisions, in particular regarding Procedures of PSIC Paragraph 2.32.2A and 2.32.2B of Handbook of Procedures Vol.I, 2009-14 <<DGFT – PUBLIC NOTICE NO 104 2010 Dated 23 3 2012.doc>>

c) Suspended provisions - <<Extract of DGFT Handbook of procedures – 2015-2020.pdf>>