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Metal Theft from Containers and Fraud still high on the BIR Agenda:

BIR strongly encourages member companies to make use of IMB services

As part of an agreement the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has in place with the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB), its members are encouraged to use the latter’s services to aid loss-prevention.

The BIR has recently publicised the joint efforts to collate information on container thefts (see previous BIR news about theft/fraud here). Whilst this process has begun, our world organisation encourages members to share more information. Once a critical mass of information has been reached the IMB can analyse the data and provide some meaningful assistance to industry in combating the problem.

Reports of fraud and malpractice by existing trading partners are also welcomed by the IMB. These reports will be sanitised and kept on record, with the Bureau acting as a clearing house for information which can be utilised by the BIR membership. There has previously been a reluctance to share such information, but by disseminating such details others in the industry may avoid losses and the potential fraudsters themselves discouraged.

One facility available to BIR members is the ability to check counterparties against IMB’s company database, which currently comprises over 200,000 companies. Over the years, this has proved to be an effective loss-prevention tool for IMB members in other industries. IMB provide a sanitised report of any information that they have on a company, which may help to provide a degree of confidence over an unknown company by showing their past trading activities. These simple checks can save time, effort and money in the pre-contract stages of a transaction.

The IMB is a specialised division of the International Chamber Of Commerce (ICC). It is a non-profit making organisation, established in 1981 to act as a focal point in the fight against all types of maritime crime and malpractice. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in its resolution A 504 (XII) (5) and (9) adopted on 20 November 1981, has inter alia, urged governments, all interests and organisations to cooperate and exchange information with each other and the IMB with a view to maintaining and developing a co-ordinated action in combating maritime fraud. The IMB has a MOU with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and has observer status with Interpol (ICPO).

IMB’s main task is to protect the integrity of international trade by seeking out fraud and malpractice. For over 30 years, it has used industry knowledge, experience and access to a large number of well-placed contacts around the world to do this: identifying and investigating frauds, spotting new criminal methods and trends, and highlighting other threats to trade. All information received by the IMB is treated in total confidence.

It is through the timely sharing information that the industry can guard against wrongdoing and those that seek to exploit goodwill in the industry.

For more information on IMB and its services, email (contact: Ian Rigby).