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BIR publishes "Tools for Quality Management"

Brussels, 19 April 2011. Today, the Bureau of International Recycling publishes its "Tools for Quality Management", which is the first Quality Management System to incorporate “End-of-Waste” procedures complementary to the Council of the European Union’s Regulation (EU) No 333/2011.

The BIR "Tools for Quality Management" have a dual purpose, not only providing the necessary information for companies to implement an ISO Quality Management System, but also incorporating the EU’s "End-of-Waste" procedures. However, those recyclers not under the jurisdiction of the EU may choose whether or not to use these End-of-Waste quality elements dependent on their own assessment of their added value to their company’s Quality Management System. However, it would be a surprise if companies did not find some added value in any one of the seven additional procedures.

Besides the explanatory chapters, these tools provide a Gap Analysis form and a near- ready Quality Manual. Procedures are illustrated in easy-to-follow flow-charts and the annex incorporates for metal recyclers radioactivity monitoring advice.

This implementation guide with the basic elements of ISO 9001 is complementary to any tailored sectoral Quality Management System, and to any already developed national ISO based system, enabling the End-of-Waste quality criteria to be incorporated into those tailored or national systems to fulfil company needs.

Download introduction here.

Download the full book here.

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