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Recent BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Singapore (23-25 May 2011)

Shredder Committee: Experts emphasise the value from sorting

At the BIR Shredder Committee meeting in Singapore on 23 May 2011, a panel of machinery and equipment experts outlined recent progress towards increasing the recovery of non-ferrous fractions from the shredder process, as well as maximising values both during and after that process.

In a session chaired by Jens Hempel-Hansen of Denmark-based H. J. Hansen Recycling Industry A/S and moderated by Andreas Schleinkofer of Recycling Technology magazine, the first guest speaker - Olivier François of the Galloo Group in Belgium - observed that his company’s AD REM joint venture with the Valtech Group owns the exclusive rights to a bi-directional barrel separator which, in certain turnkey projects, has helped achieve end-of-life vehicle valorisation rates in excess of 90%.

Dr Uwe Habich of Steinert in Germany focused on, among other products offered by his company, latest developments designed to “hunt down” various types of wire that can be found in automotive shredder residue (ASR). Meanwhile, with the company’s XSS-F X-ray fluorescence system at car shredders, separation of copper motors can be achieved at a capacity of up to 150 tonnes per hour.

The age-old issue of minimising copper content in ferrous scrap delivered to steelmakers was addressed by Jörg Schunicht of Titech. He revealed that the company’s latest X-ray fluorescence sorting development is achieving copper removal rates similar to those achieved via manual picking and has the potential to achieve even better results in the future.

In his report on European Shredder Group affairs, the organisation’s Chairman Manuel Burnand of Coframetal in France noted that shredders fall within the scope of the revision of the EU’s industrial emissions directive. As a result, a questionnaire is being created to evaluate the current situation with regard to shredder emissions. The objective is to develop a list of best available and emerging technologies which could serve as a “tool-box” to help in the achievement of emission goals.

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