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Hightlights of the recent BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Singapore - First series of headlines:

Björn Grufman new BIR President - "Mission accomplished" for Dominique Maguin - Recyclers, you will be VERY rich!

The recent BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Singapore attracted over 1.500 participants from 65 countries – one of BIR’s biggest events and a huge success for such a far-away destination like Singapore!

The convention featured the election of a new BIR president, fascinating keynote speakers and a wide range of international industry experts, a special symposium on copper, an international recycling exhibition and excellent networking opportunities.

New BIR World President elected!

During BIR’s General Assembly on 24 May, Dominique Maguin handed over the sceptre to Björn Grufman of Metallvärden AB (Sweden), who was elected for a first 2-year mandate.

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General Assembly: “Mission accomplished” for Dominique Maguin

Dominique Maguin’s presidency of the BIR ended on a decidedly high note as he welcomed well over 1500 participants to the world recycling body’s 2011 Spring Convention, held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore from 23 to 25 May. “Yet another jewel in the crown of BIR’s successful events,” he enthused.

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Recycler, you will be VERY rich!

Raw materials guru Jim Rogers was the main attraction of the BIR Ferrous Division plenary meeting in Singapore on 23 May 2011, which counted over 300 delegates who had come to listen to the recommendations by the widely known financial commentator, investor and commodities visionary.

The entertaining and thought-provoking guest presentation had been guaranteed to earn the rapt attention of his audience given that its title promised recyclers “you will be very rich”. He went on to explain in Singapore that 3bn people in the world are increasing their consumption at a time when supply of a range of commodities is “under duress”. He insisted: “I am very optimistic about the price of raw materials. I think you’ll be rich because you’re in the right place at the right time.” Mr Rogers went on to predict that the commodities bull run would encounter setbacks along the way but would nevertheless continue until 2018 or perhaps even 2020.

The video of Mr Roger’s presentation will be available on our website

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