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BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Singapore,
23-25 May 2011 Shangri-La Hotel

BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee:
Market Analysis central theme of plenary session

Two market analysts will address the audience at the upcoming plenary session of the Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee on Monday, 23rd May 2011 at 9.30hrs.

Dmitry Kuznetsov is the Chief Analyst of the Market Analysis Department of Norilsk Nickel, one of the world’s leading mining companies headquartered in Russia. Norilsk Nickel is Russia’s largest producer of nickel and palladium and a major supplier of copper, cobalt, gold, platinum and other platinum group metals to world markets.

Mr Kuznetsov, who has been with Norilsk Nickel since 2002, will be giving a presentation on “Outlook of the world nickel market: the situation in 2011 and a long-term analysis”.

The second speaker is the internationally renowned senior market analyst Markus A. Moll.  

Mr Moll is very well known in the stainless steel sector, speaking at recycling events and seminars all over the world. Since 1994, he is Managing Director and Senior Market Analyst with SMR – Steel & Metals Market Research, an Austria-based company providing market intelligence as single and multi client studies to the speciality steel industry in Europe, the USA and Asia.

SMR uses an extensive database to carry out detailed surveys into specific topics defined by their customers (leading speciality steel producers, traders, as well as their raw material and technology suppliers) to elaborate a complete set of recommendations for strategic action.

In the framework of the upcoming Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee plenary session, Mr Moll will be giving an in-depth assessment of the stainless steel and speciality steel market with a particular focus on Asia.

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BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition