Posted on 05/03/2008 in category Legislation


Shipments of recyclables to China

NEW SEPA Regulation (Notice 11/2008) as from March 1, 2008

BIRhas received many inquiries about NOTICE 11/2008 which has been issuedby SEPA, MOFCOM, NDRC, GACC and AQSIQ and which seemed to imposerestrictions and bans on recyclables/scrap which are regularly shippedby overseas suppliers to China.

BIR has sent a letter to SEPA asking for further information and we received today some clarifications.

Attached is our exchange of correspondence with SEPA for your information and perusal.

Assoon as a correct (but unofficial)  English version of NOTICE 11/2008will be available it will be posted on the BIR website and available toBIR member companies.

In the meantime, please do not contact the BIR office but contact your authorities for further clarifications.

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