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“The EU ELV Directive and the challenges for car manufacturers and shredder operators”

Monday, 2 June2008

16.30 hrs

The BIR Committees forShredders and Media-Metal Separation will be jointly organising aworkshop that focuses on the challenges facing car manufacturers andshredders operators as a result of the European Directive onEnd-of-Life Vehicles.

Sinceits implementation in the different EU member states, the directive hascaused much controversy and raised concern in the automotive sector aswell as in the recycling industry. Similar legislative developments canactually be noticed in Japanand North America,in consequence this issue has gained worldwide importance.

Apanel of industry representatives of the various sectors involved willindividually present their views on the recycling of ELVs and willdiscuss in more detail which solutions are workable and which arenot. 

The workshop will be co-chaired byJens Hempel Hansen (HJ Hansen) and Mike Bevan (Titech GmbH) andmoderated by Manuel Burnand of Derichebourg Environnement. Panelparticipants are: Rozenn Leborgne  of PSA, J-P Hermine ofRenault and Jim Schwartz of Metso Lindemann GmbH.

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