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BIR Workshop on Radioactivity

“Radioactivityin Scrap Metal –

 AGlobal and Serious Problem”

Friday, 31October 2008, 11 hrs

DüsseldorfHilton Hotel

Room “Leibnitz”

During the upcoming AutumnRound-Table Sessions of BIRin Düsseldorf, the Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committeeis organising a workshop on the highly topical subject of Radioactivityin Scrap Metal.

The session will be moderated byStainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee Chairman MichaelWright of ELG Haniel (UK). Five experts will be participating in thepanel discussion after having given initial statements on varioustopics related to the problem.

  • Ms Stephanie Mansourian-Stephensonof UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) will give an update on“Recommendations on Monitoring and Response Procedures for RadioactiveScrap Metal”.

  • Moderator Michael Wright will address radioactivity in scrap metal as a global and serious problem.

  • Paul De Bruinof Jewometaal Rotterdam (NED) will present statistics and real examplesincluding the consequences of radioactive contamination.

  •  A presentation by Dr. Torsten Passvoss, GHS-Strahlenschutz (GER) will give attendees an overview on the technical solutions to counter risks.

  • Martin von Gehren,ELG Haniel GmbH (DEU) will be addressing various aspects, includinglimitations of accessibility, the ‘Polluter Pays’ principle, EU initiatives - any improvements for the recycling industry, theSpanish Protocol, a model for the recycling industry?