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Brussels,16th April2009

BIR WorldRecycling Convention & Exhibition

25-27 May2009

Dubai,United Arab Emirates

NonFerrous Metals Division:

Spotlighton China, India and Brazil

Theplenary session of the BIR Non Ferrous Metals Division in Dubai onTuesday, 26thMay, promises to provide a highly diversified overview of the worldmarkets at a glance.

Withthree speakers from major business regions – China, India andBrazil – the session is set to give insights into the currentsituation of different continents and how they are coping with theglobal economic and financial crisis.

Inher presentation, Ms Bianca Vicintin Abud, International TradeManager of Brazilian Metalur Group, will be focusing on the secondaryaluminium industry in Brazil. Metalur Group is one of the largestsecondary aluminium alloy producers in Latin America with threesmelters and one dross processing plant. In 2008, Metalur Groupimported over 28,800 mt of aluminium scrap. Aluminium scrapavailability has always been insufficient in Brazil, a situationwhich in recent months was aggravated by the overall crisis.

RegardingIndia, attending delegates will have great pleasure in hearing againMr Ujjwal Munjal who gave an extremely well received presentation inMonte Carlo. Mr Munjal is CEO of Rockman Industries, a majormanufacturer of high precision castings, and part of the Hero Group.His analysis of “The India Opportunity 2009” will provide amacro-perspective and a non ferrous overview of the Indiansub-continent before the backdrop of the overall crisis.

Thespeaker from China is freelance reporter Lili Shi, who previouslyworked for the China Non Ferrous Industry Association. Her briefs andarticles were published by Metal Bulletin, Recycling International,Aluminium Times International, Steel Times International etc. Basedon her solid relationship with Chinese scrap buyers, she also doesscrap metals brokering and helps some scrap suppliers andChinese buyers to solve trade disputes. Ms Shi will talk aboutthe change in China’s economy and its impact on the metals sectoras well as on the future demand of aluminium and copper.

Inaddition to these specific reports, the board members of the BIR NonFerrous Metals Division will give updates on the situation in theirrespective countries/regions.