Posted on 22/04/2009 in category Convention

BIRPresidential election in Dubai, 26th May 2009

Inaccordance with the BIRStatutes and By-laws and more particularly with Article 9 of ourStatutes and Article 21 of our By-laws, the Chairman of the BIRNominating Committee,Mr Fadi Shahrour, is pleased to inform you that the members of the BIRNominating Committee have decided to officially recommend there-election of:

               Dominique Maguin

               La Compangie des Matières Premières, France

fora second term of office as BIR President. Mr Maguin was elected for a1st two-years mandate in Athen in June 2007.

TheNominating Committeerecommendation has been presented to the Executive Committee who hasapproved Mr Maguin’s re-election, which will consequently berecommended for formal ratification by the BIR Effective Members at thenext General Assembly to held in Dubai on 26th May, 2009.