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Brussels,17 June 2009

BIRtakes action regarding proposed safeguard duty on aluminium scrap inIndia

Followinginformation received by its Indian members regarding a proposedsafeguard duty on aluminium scrap in India, the internationalrecycling federation BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) hasofficially contacted various Indian authorities to protest againstthe implementation of such a regulation.

Theapplication for a duty on aluminium scrap was allegedly filed by theAluminium Association of India and is likely to be in the vicinity of10 to 20%.

Inletters sent to the Indian Commerce Secretary of Government, theRevenue Secretary of Government and the Safeguards Director General,BIR stresses the importance of preserving free trade with secondaryraw materials such as aluminium scrap and points out the importantenvironmental benefits of using scrap vs. producing primary materialsin terms of emission, water and energy savings.

BIRalso highlights the crucial role of aluminium scrap for the secondarysmelters that supply the automobile industry, which represents amajor export market for India, and warns against the long-term effectof hampering aluminium scrap imports, namely shortages for domesticIndian recyclers and smelters.

IfBIR’s plea should not be taken into consideration by the Indianauthorities, the international federation intends to bring the issueto the attention of the World Trade Organisation, via the EUCommission’s DG Trade, which has been informed of BIR’sinitiative.

Forsome weeks, BIR has been closely monitoring regulatory matters inIndia. Recently, an official delegation composed of an Indian BIRmember and the President of BIR’s US-American member associationISRI had arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Environment andForests, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and the Ministry ofSteel. The purpose of the meeting was to clarify the non-hazardousnature of secondary materials such as paper, plastics, copper andiron & steel and to avoid restrictive import regulations, suchaspre-shipment inspections and the obligation to fill in an additionaltracking form that would endanger business confidentiality.


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