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Brussels,28 September 2009

BIRAutumn Round-Table Sessions


(25) 26-27October 2009


DrThomas Ludwig of Klöckner & Co

speaksat plenary meeting

Duringthe plenary session of the BIR Ferrous Division on Tuesday, 27thOctober 2009 at 9.30 at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, attendees willhave the privilege of listening to one of the key figures of thesteel sector, the Chairman of the Klöckner & Co AG ManagementBoard Dr Thomas Ludwig.

DrLudwig has been working forthe Klöckner Group for 25 years, with 10 years as a member of theManagement Board and 6 years as Chairman. After taking up theposition of Chairman of the Management Board in 2003, Dr. Ludwig wasinstrumental in Klöckner’s successful listing on the FrankfurtStock Exchange in 2006. The subsequent growth phase furtherreinforced Klöckner & Co’s market position in Europe and NorthAmerica.

Thecore business of the Klöckner & Co Group is the storage anddistribution of steel and non-ferrous metals. About 185,000 activecustomers are supplied through around 250 distribution locations byaround 9,500 employees in 15 countries in Europe and North America.During the financial year 2008, the Company achieved sales ofapproximately €6.7 billion.

DrLudwig’s presentation has the title: “Does the crisis lie behindus? The view from steel distribution”.