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BIR Autumn Round-Table Sessions

Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

(25) 26-27 October 2009

Paper Division:

Diversified meeting programme for upcoming plenary session

The BIR Paper Division will be organising a highly diversified meeting at its upcoming plenary session on Monday, 26th October at 16.00 hrs in the Okura Hotel Amsterdam.

Attendees will be hearing three guest presentations and will also witness the ceremony for the BIR Papyrus Award.

First guest speaker is William P.Moore, President of Moore & Associates, an international consultingcompany engaged in providing a range of market research and strategicservices to the paper recycling industry. Mr Moore’s knowledge baseincludes all aspects of the worldwide supply and demand of recoveredpaper, and he has shared his expertise for the benefit of 250 clientson more than 450 projects. In his speech, Mr Moore will be focussing on“The status of the world recovered paper market – climbing out of thedownturn”.

Second on board will be Peter Hall,Managing Director for the UK and Ireland of APL, a London-basedinternational container transportation company. APL is a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines, a globaltransportation and logistics company engaged in shipping and relatedbusinesses. Mr Hall will be highlighting certain aspects of thelogistics for the international recovered paper trade.

Third speaker will be Trilochen Singhof RKS International Sales, a subsidiary of BIR member companyRecycling Karla Schmidt. He will be talking about the recovered paperindustry as a strategic partner.

Moreover, the Division has nominatedthe Spanish paper group SAICA to receive the BIR Papyrus Award. SAICAis the leading company in Spain in the manufacture and sale of paperfor corrugating. It has five production centres and seven papermachines in Spain and France, making it one of the leaders in Europe,with a production capacity of 1,5 million tonnes per year of paper forcorrugating. SAICA is also the biggest paper recycler in Spain, usingrecovered paper for the manufacture of new paper. At present, thecompany recycles 2.1 million tonnes per year. The BIR Paper Award isgranted to companies that meet one or several of the followingcriteria: 1) innovation or innovative practices in the recycling ofpaper; 2) promotion of trust & partnership with other links/membersof the paper chain; 3) substantial growth in the recycling of recoveredfibre. The award will be received by Guillermo Vallés Albar, MaterialsDirector of the company.

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