Posted on 02/03/2010 in category Convention

 BIR meets with AQSIQ in Beijing:

Important clarification on overseas supplier registration

During his recent mission to China, BIR Director General Francis Veysachieved important clarification regarding the application procedures(new and renewal) for the registration of overseas suppliers ofrecyclable to the People’s Republic.

Together with the BIR Ambassador for China, David Chiao of Uni-All,Atlanta, USA, and CMRA Vice-President Ma Hongchang,  Francis Veys had ameeting with the Deputy Director of the Department for Supervision andInspection of AQSIQ.

During the very constructive meeting, the BIR representatives had theopportunity to reassess the current registration procedures and ask anumber of additional questions on which BIR members still seemed tohave some doubts.

AQSIQ confirmed that new applicants will in the future need to be ISO9001 certified or have a recognized national quality management systemsuch as RIOS (ISRI, USA).

Another important issue was the question on how to register anadditional category of material and also on how to incorporate changein an existing registration.

Moreover, BIR received clarification as to whether AQSIQ had a list ofaccredited agencies for applications. AQSIQ clearly stated that theyhad no special arrangement with any agency and that the applicant wasfree to decide who to contact for help with the application.

They also specified that no more than 3 contraventions to CCIC ruleswere accepted and that subsequently each shipment would be 100%inspected.

With regards to shipments from a third country, AQSIQ officially agreedthat a registered company could also ship from a country that was nottheir country of origin.

The detailed report of the meeting on 22 February 2010  in Beijing can be found on the Members Only pages of the BIR website.