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Recent 2010 BIR World Recycling Convention (Autumn Round-Table Sessions), 25-26 October, Brussels

Paper Division: Indonesian Paper Mill receives BIR Papyrus Award

For the first time since the award was inaugurated in 2008, the BIR Paper Division’s Papyrus prize is heading to Asia.

The recipient is APP’s Indah Kiat Serang mill in Indonesia, a producer of paper and packaging products which are distributed throughout many parts of the world. The business was praised by BIR Paper Division President Ranjit S. Baxi for its established practice of using recovered paper from around the world as its staple raw material. “The mill has substantially increased its recovered fibre use over the last five years and has worked hard to promote sustainability and partnerships with the recovered paper industry,” he said.

The mill achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and the ISO 14001 environmental management stamp of approval some nine years later. In addition to its strong environmental and recycling emphasis, the business is also engaged in a number of staff/local community health and education initiatives.

The Papyrus prize was presented by Mr Baxi, BIR World President Dominique Maguin and members of the BIR Paper Division board to Dewi P. Bramono, APP’s Deputy Director for Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement, and to fibre procurement specialist Susanna Agus. The former said the group was “honoured” to receive the award.


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