Posted on 12/10/2011 in category Convention

Plastics Committee: A Special Focus on Plastics from WEEE – of Interest to ALL BIR Members


At the upcoming plenary session of the BIR Plastics Committee on Monday, 24 October at 11.00, the main focus of the meeting will be dedicated to plastics from WEEE.

This topic, which is of interest not only to BIR members companies involved in plastics recycling but also for those who deal with WEEE recycling in general, will be looked at from various angles:

Dr Rainer Köhnlechner, Managing Director of Hamos GmbH in Germany, will introduce different separation technologies for mixed WEEE plastics. His company has developed electrostatic metal separators for the recycling of cable scrap and is today one of the world-wide leading companies in electrostatic separation technologies for metals and plastics.

The second guest speaker is Mr Tilman Baehr from the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment in Hamburg (Germany) will be looking at the transport side of plastics from WEEE in a speech entitled “Shipments of Plastic Scrap from WEEE - Opportunities and Requirements”. Mr. Baehr has gained deep insight into the topic of waste shipments through his 15 years’ work experience in the ministry and therefore has been representing the German Federal States in EU bodies in the field of waste shipment. He also participated in several international projects under the umbrella of the EU.