Posted on 26/04/2010 in category Convention

Three additional Workshops at BIR Istanbul Convention

BIR’s upcoming Convention in Istanbul has hit the 1000 participants mark with over 850 delegates and some 200 accompanying persons. Registrations continue and we anticipate yet another record high for the attendance.

We would also like to inform you that we have added three workshops to the programme, which will complement the topical information provided during our commodity sessions:

  • Monday, 31 May at 11.00 hrs

    Workshop ‘LME/Hedging’

    Organised by the Young Traders Committee and featuring as main speaker Mr Martin Abbott, Chief Executive, LME


  • Tuesday, 1 June at 17.00 hrs

    Workshop ‘Quality Management systems’
    With the participation of Mr Eric Harris, Associate Counsel / Director of Government and International Affairs, ISRI; Mr Olivier François, Galloo Group, and Chairman of the International Environment Council; as well as a representative of the German federation BDSV.


  • Wednesday, 2 June at 11.30 hrs

    Workshop ‘Producer Responsibility and packaging’
    Involving representatives of the German, UK and Turkish national recycling associations with experience reports from their respective countries.


We would also like to draw your attention to our updated List of Guest Speakers that you will find on our website.